Policy List

Title Description Policy File
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Guidance for Local Workforce Development Boards - Field Memo - 19-02

To transmit guidance on the extension or renegotiation of MOUs in the Local Service Delivery Areas.

PDF icon Field Memo 19-02 MOUs.docx_.pdf
Coordination of WIOA Title I funds and Iowa Last Dollar Scholarship - Field Memo - 19-03

To transmit guidance on the coordination of funding for WIOA Title I participants who are Iowa Last Dollar Scholarship recipients.

PDF icon Field Memo - 19-03 Last Dollar Scholarship Funding.pdf
Field Memo 19-01: WIOA Title I Monitoring PY18

This field memo establishes the process and procedures for WIOA Title I Monitoring for PY18.

PDF icon Field Memo 19-01_WIOA Title I Monitoring.pdf
Chapter 8 - WIOA Title IB Program Policy

Policy for the WIOA Title I Youth, Adult and Dislocated Worker programs.  Published 3/27/19.  Effective 6/3/19

PDF icon Chapter 8 WIOA Title I - Updated 3.7.2019.pdf
Field Memo: 18-08 Average Unemployment Rates by Region

This Field Memo identifies potential Areas of Substantial Unemployment for Program Year (PY) 2019 allocations.

PDF icon FM 18-08 Average Unemployment Rates by Region.pdf
Field Memo 18-05: Offering Employment and Case Management Services to TAA Program Participants

This Field Memo provides policy requirements for offering and providing case management services for all participants under the TAA...

PDF icon Field Memo 18-05 Offering Case Management Services to TAA Participants.pdf
Field Memo 18-04: Monitoring Training Attendance for TAA Training Program Participants

This Field Memo details the policy requirement that training attendance must be monitored for all participants in TAA approved training...

PDF icon Field Memo 18-04 Monitoring Training Attendance.pdf
Field Memo 18-01: Measurable Skills Gain

This Field Memo provides guidance for Measurable Skills Gain, one of the six performance outcomes used to measure the effectiveness of...

PDF icon FM MSG.pdf
Field Memo 18-02: Local Customer Service Plan Modification Policy

This Field Memo provides guidance on the correct procedures for submitting a Local Service Plan Modification.

Field Memo 18-03: 2018 Poverty Guidelines and 2018 LLSIL

This Field Memo transmits the 2018 Poverty Guidelines and the 2018 Lower Living Standard Income Level (LLSIL) for use in determining...

PDF icon FM LLSIL.pdf