Freedom of Information Act Request - FOIA

Please us this form to request records under the Freedom of Information Act. Please fill out the information on the section that applies to your request.

Select the nature of your request by selecting one of the two following categories.

Contested case decisions, ruling, or orders and any entered exhibits are public records.  The department shall hold confidential the information obtained from an employing unit or individual in the course of administering this chapter and the initial determination made by a representative of the department under section 96.6, subsection 2, as to the benefit rights of an individual. The department shall not disclose or open this information for public inspection in a manner that reveals the identity of the employing unit or the individual, except as provided in subparagraph (3) or paragraph “c”. Iowa Code § 96.11(6)(b)(1); 20 CFR 603.   Confidential information for an individual may be disclosed with a signed waiver by that individual.

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